Notes To Myself

Please remember to do the following things each day:

Smile :)
Go for a Walk :)
Give bf a Kiss when he leaves to Work:)
Take it Easy :)
Enjoy the Little Things :)
Love Life :)
Act like Everyday is a Day Gained :)
Remember to Breathe :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trek = Good

My trek to the hospital was good. Although I've been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and perscribed Zyban for when things get really bad. The hospital is one of the worst places for my anxiety (the lights... sounds and such bother me a lot there)... my pulse was even high when the doctor took it.

But yesterday was fun... we walked around waiting for my perscription (40 minutes and they were closed the next day... so I HAD to wait)

Me and my friend flagged down somebody we knew who would have weed... toked while waiting for the hospital and then toked on the walk home. I find it really calms my nerves and helps me relax in stressful situations.

So my doctor told me that the zyban is addictive and that I should be carefull... I'm not THAT worried about it... but it's a good thing to know. Supposidly it'll help if I ever get stuck in fight or flight mode again.

For sure today I'm making brownies. My bf has work at 1:30 at his new job (I'm so happy for him) it'll be a good job. He's going to be working for the sea-plane base.

I'm really tired today... my arms and legs feel really fatigued... yesterday took a lot out of me.. and I can feel it today.

But sometimes you have to suffer later for a good time now. I had fun yesterday - I got out of the house with a friend - something I haven't been able to do in awhile.

So today I get to miserable :P yay for highs and lows.


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