Notes To Myself

Please remember to do the following things each day:

Smile :)
Go for a Walk :)
Give bf a Kiss when he leaves to Work:)
Take it Easy :)
Enjoy the Little Things :)
Love Life :)
Act like Everyday is a Day Gained :)
Remember to Breathe :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Need a Cheerful Blog

Cheer time!

It's not good to be down all the time and sad... so I thought I'd make a good long list of all the things I'm super happy about :D

For one... I have lots of great friends who are pretty much awesome ;P
For two... My bf is totally awesome :D
For three... I'm not dying
For four... I have coffee right now :)
For five... I may not be able to dance... but I can always *dance*
For six... My life can only go UP from here :P
For seven... I have atleast six things I'm happy about :D
For eight... My house is nice and warm :D
For nine... I want to "jump and get crazy" - music makes me smile :D
For ten... I can *throw rocks* at all sorts of people
For eleven... I have WEED :D
For twelve... the coffee I was talking about ealier is actually a mocha!
For thriteen... the MOTHER2 fan-translation is DONE!
For fourteen... KOTOR anybody>
For fifteen... Diablo II is a life saver if you're bored.
For sixteen... I'm 20!!! Haha.. not a teen an adult :P
For seventeen.. I look 16!! Hehe... student discounts :D
For eighteen... I have this goddamn computer with all it's crazy problems
For ninteen... I have friends who have weed :P
For twenty... I love to BLOG :D:D




Yes... Happy :D

But in other news I have 3 appointments with councilors about my (PTSD.. Anxiety... and work situation) Anxiety tomorow.. Work... Friday... PTSD NEXT wednesday.

:) Atleast i'm getting stuff accomplished! If I concider pouring out your heart to complete strangers accomplishing something :)

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