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Smile :)
Go for a Walk :)
Give bf a Kiss when he leaves to Work:)
Take it Easy :)
Enjoy the Little Things :)
Love Life :)
Act like Everyday is a Day Gained :)
Remember to Breathe :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wrestling Eeeeeewwww

Sometimes when I feel the most inspired is when I'm most lost for words.

The guys went out to watch wrestling and play Xbox and everybody else went home so it's just me sitting on a couch with myself.

I told a friend who I was worried about telling. I called her. Something I hadn't done in a couple of months. We were really close since we were kids, but drifted apart after high school. It was nice to chat with her :) We're going for lunch on Tuesday after my doctors appointment - we have such different outlooks on life - sometimes I think she lives in another world than I do - I love her though. I always will.

You know those people that no matter what happens they will always mean something to you. Those people that when their name comes up you're actually interested in whats going on. Those people are people that in one way or another you have a bit of love for, whether its love because of the memories you share or the love of hearing how wrong things are going. (The emotions of love and hate are very close don't you think?)

Ha! The truth is I put the last bit "don't you think" in the above paragraph just to write improper. When I was in university one of the first things they taught you about writing essays and "important pieces of literature" was to not put informal writing in it.

Well! I love informal writing. Why? Because it gives flare to your work, it shows emotion and opinion, it makes the writing dynamic... not STATIC... I may not be the greatest writer in the world, but I do attempt to display feeling in my writing.

I really believe that every time somebody writes they are saying something about themselves. They are drawing upon their own knowledge of language, punctuation, and the world around them to express a desired piece of work. And every time somebody reads something somebody wrote they are reading two things, not only the piece of work itself, but the way the work is written.

My writing is often all over the place. I use improper punctuation, sentence structure and whole lot of other things that I really should work on. But I can understand what I'm writing, I get the overall picture of what I'm trying to say when I reread what I write. (Yes I proof to some point... I tend to type words together such as "fighctub" instead of "fight club")

Speaking of fight club, we have a picture of a man in this room smiling at us, posed in a "Karate" stance looking like he's ready to kick someones ass with the words "Fight club" on the side. People always ask why we have him there, we tell them... if you saw this man on the street wouldn't you want to fight him?

The answer is always yes :P

I really don't know what to write anymore lol I should really go to bed. But I should go check and make sure all the food is in the fridge, since the guys tend to like to leave things out. Plus I made brownies earlier, and those need to be covered up. So, I'll write tomorrow. I have a lot to do: Gotta see my Doctor tomorrow *yikes* and paper work... gah!

Happy Thoughts


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