Notes To Myself

Please remember to do the following things each day:

Smile :)
Go for a Walk :)
Give bf a Kiss when he leaves to Work:)
Take it Easy :)
Enjoy the Little Things :)
Love Life :)
Act like Everyday is a Day Gained :)
Remember to Breathe :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day 3

I'm tired today, not feeling all awesome and fluffy and like I can climb a mountain anyway. My legs ache.

Not a painful ache... but one of those aches that you get when you muscles are weak and tired, like after a soccer tournament where you play 3 games in a row.

But really holy shit, I didn't think that this was going to be this bad. I could handle the joint pain, I mean it hurts oh well just ignore it - but my muscles just being weak?

I'm smoking weed today uhuh just let the day go by :P - Sometimes fighting isn't the answer pacifism never hurt nobody (except the pacifist):P

Sometimes you just need to take the easy way out when it hurts too much to fight.


I don't really know what to write. Let me try something.

So the girls go back to their boyfriends and he's good, I picked up some tips. You're playing the star spangled banner? I'm not pro American or anything I'm just not interested in listening to their anthem. Imagine if somebody walked in and we were listening to it. Still go the string on it and i do this everyday *swings wallet around by string*. I do this. You okay? Fuck yeah guys I got food down stairs. Aww I should phone my mom *Phones mom*. call mom. Don't dial under the influence. I'm looking for a drivers folder for that computer, maybe its the other way around. What does this say? Oh that's what it is! I can't remember where I stashed all my drivers. *its sunny and we're listening to Jimi Hendrix* *on phone with mom* Was I getting the van today? Whats wrong with it? Its still not working?? geez the vans broken. Okay that's weird to say yep I should be okay yep I will sounds good aright bye. Ooooh yeah baby. fuck man I don't have to do anything for a real long time. That's the benefit of waking up early the day has barely started and I've already had an awesome time with you guys.

I'm good. :P


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