Notes To Myself

Please remember to do the following things each day:

Smile :)
Go for a Walk :)
Give bf a Kiss when he leaves to Work:)
Take it Easy :)
Enjoy the Little Things :)
Love Life :)
Act like Everyday is a Day Gained :)
Remember to Breathe :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Some Days are Great

Sometimes you have a really good day. I for one, had an extremly good day. I woke up early, got a lot of what I had to do done...

**Except laundry and phoning my grandma**

heh... sometimes one more day won't hurt :P

I went and visited a potential friend today. She's pretty cool and although she admitedly had a coke/crack problem she's pretty much like me :P Loves weed, coffee and chatting.

Even though my legs are killing me I feel pretty darn good. I'm in the process of making dinner, I've eliminated almost everything important I have to do and its just me, my boyfriend and my cat chilling after a decent session - Pretty much what I think every Monday afternoon should be like :P

** I love my roommates, but sometimes I need space! **

Life is really interesting

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